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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Most Hidden dangers of Facebook


Most Hidden dangers of FacebookThe last 3-4 years have observed a tremendous positive growth ladder in the success rate of Facebook, a social networking website. Phenomenal success of Facebook has made it the No.1 social networking website presently. In fact, it has beat Google by the maximum number of visitor visits for one entire week. But things always go the same way as one may think of. Both positive and negative experiences go head to head. Facebook is also not flawless. Recently, many flaws were revealed Most of the Facebook flaws are in it's privacy policies and accounts settings. Sharing information may not be all that great through this social networking site. It can happen that marketing efforts of Facebook may well lead to serious threat to account holders' privacy policies. This article discusses about some of the most important hidden dangers of Facebook.
Danger # 1: Sharing information with 3rd parties
As per Facebook policy (last updated, 2010), "When the user connects with some website or application via Facebook, that particular site or application will have permission to access the general information about the connected user." According to Facebook's dictionary, "General Information" refers to information about the user while getting full access to his/her profile, friend list, user IDs, connections, gender, etc. In fact, the site or app can able to view any of the information being shared using "Everyone" privacy setting. This is also the default privacy setting. It takes only two to get connected, so your privacy settings Because it takes two to connect, the user's privacy settings can control the visibility factor of the connection on profile page. those who are uncomfortable with the public visibility of the connection status, they should not make the connection or try to remove it.
Danger # 2: Privacy settings revert to minimal safety in default mode after every single redesigning phase
It was last March when private email addresses of many Facebook users were revealed in the public domain of Facebook page. This was an irritating fact for many. However, the glitch got resolved at a later stage by Facebook administration body.
Danger # 3: Ads available on Facebook ads may well contain malware
Of late, an event invitation notice from Facebook was sent to nearly 2,300 facebook friends of a reputed business tycoon. It actually was a scam and those responded to the ad got thier account hacked by some unknown hacker. These sort of ads are available in plenty through Facebook. Most of these are scams. So, think and judge carefully before responding to these ads.
Danger # 4: Facebook friends unknowingly make an user vulnerable
Facebook recently patched a serious security bug which allowed the profile users to snoop silently through a user's private chat engine and even view all the pending friend requests. It was such a serious security threat that Facebook even disabled the chat engine for quite a few days before patching the bug.
Danger # 5: Fake profiles being created by scammers
This keeps on happening. However, it is more common with celebrity profiles. Many scammers create fake profiles and try to fool the Facebook users. Such a sort of scenario can result in spreading negative news and rumors about celebrity personalities. Till date, Facebook has been unable to bring out any meaningful solution to this case.


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